Creating Innovative Tourism Experiences: The Way to Extend the Tourist Season

The purpose of the conference is to: (1) present new types of tourism that have the role of tourist season extenders; (2) promote the fact that tourists need unusual experiences. In order to contribute to the global discussion on this topic, our international peer-reviewed conference will provide an interdisciplinary platform for academics, researchers, policy makers, students and professionals. As the fields of innovative tourism and hospitality industry cross over into multiple areas and disciplines, authors from a diverse range of topics, perspectives and disciplines are welcome to submit their papers.

The range of research submissions may include conceptual, empirical, experimental and case studies dealing with:

  • Creating integral destination product
  • Specific forms of tourism as a positive change generator
  • Tourism focusing on an innovative approach
  • Sustainable tourism development
  • Mass tourism versus specific tourism forms
  • Tourist destination management
  • The role of local residents in destination tourism development
  • The future of traditional destination
  • Human resources management in seasonal conditions
  • The impact of climate changes on tourism
  • Digital transformation of tourism
  • Education as the factor of extending tourist season
  • Influence of season extension on economy
  • Influence of season extension on employment rate
  • Hospitality industry management issues in the context of innovative tourism
  • Innovative management.