ToSEE – Smart, Experience, Excellence


ToFEEL – Feelings, Excitement, Education, Leisure


The purpose of the confrenece is to present new advances and research results in the field of Experience, Excellence and Smart Tourism and explore and promote the role of Education and Leisure as well as technology in cretaing tourists' Experiences and Feelings. In order to contribute to the global disussion on this topic, our interantional peer-reviewed conference will provide an interdisciplinary platform for academic, researches, policy makers, students and professionals. As the fields of conference topics cross over into multiple areas and disciplines, authors from a diverse range of topics, perspectives and disciplines are welcome to submit their full papers or an abstract.

Tourism in the Crisis Period: Current Issues and Future Challenges

Challenges of the Tourism Industry in the Post-Covid Period

Creating Innovative Tourism Experience

Next Generation Tourism Experience and IT Innovation

Excellence in Tourism Industry

Responsible Tourism

Smart Tourism Destination and Digital Environment

How to Rebuild a „Future – Fit“Tourism Industry?

New Approaches in Tourism: Problems & Opportunities

Transformative Tourism in a New Area

Towards Modern Excitement Tourism

Challenges in Tourism Education

Virtual Reality for Second Chance Tourism

From Information Communication Technologies to E-Tourism

Tourism Innovation Networks

Tourism and Leisure Industry: Shaping the Future

Tourism Security and Safety

Developing a Sustainable Tourism Destination

Marketing Trends in Tourism Industry

New Paradigms in City Tourism Management – Redefining Destination Promotion

Increasing Productivity in Small Hotels

Employee Creativity in the Hospitality Industry

Local Government Role and Response to Tourism Development

Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality Management: Smart, Innovative and Excellence

Economic and Financial Effect of Tourism Industry

Sustainability of Finance in the Tourism Sector